Sound Solutions

Acoustically Engineered Fabric Art

Fabric Art Scenic Design by Barbara Brooks
Acoustical Engineering by George Brooks

The SOUND SOLUTIONS department of the company not only fabricated decorative acoustical solutions as seen in the photos at right but provided consultation in the sound attenuation field as it relates to interior space.

Acoustically Engineered Products

The background masking effect, an integral feature of every space divider we produced, was no mistake. We purposely engineered the combination of materials and production techniques that provided this vital acoustical ingredient.

Acoustical Consultation - Design

We have provided acoustical consultation to university engineering departments and others including, Purdue University, Wayne State University, the US Air Force Band, US Navy, Seattle Philharmonic, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Contel Telephone, Snelson Steel, various libraries, Churches, recording studios, brokerage houses...

Sound levels interruptive to the thought process can be seriously disruptive.

We successfully engineered Sound Solutions

wherever sound levels interruptive to the thought process were causing discomfort or getting in the way of planned objectives, whether in an office, production operation, learning center, recording studio, tele-marketing, brokerage house or other.

16' Panorama "Over Hill and Dale"

Opposite - Sound Solution "Island Scenes"

Corner wall - "Midnight Sky"

"Breeze is Up", "The Lighthouse"

Left: "Islands", Right: "Mountain Scape"

Sound Solutions

Office Dividers and Wall Tiles

Acoustically transparent wall fabric allows sound frequencies to easily penetrate to high sound attenuation core. Light weight dividers require no tools to set up or relocate. Cover fabric is anti-allergenic, Class A flame rated ASTM E-84 and passes corner burn NFPA 265.

Interior acoustics were so live that employees were losing time on the job and errors were becoming common place. Sound levels interruptive to the thought process can be extremely taxing and actually cause illness in various forms.