Kitchen Design and Cabinetry

Gourmet kitchen hosts governors, congressmen, dignitaries

by George E Brooks

Light valance (overhead left) required 2"x12"x14' long solid white oak fascia. Double dishwashers are set at angles to favor post activity clean up.

Tile counters and backsplash designed by others.

Right, marble top for candy making, bread making, grain drawers below.

The 18' x 18' kitchen design criteria called for a non-commercial "homey" feel while utilizing an array of stainless steel commercial appliances including a 72" wide refrigerator, 72" wide freezer, dual basket french fry cooker, full size cook top griddle, full size barbecue grill, range top, ice machine, double dishwashers, warming drawers, double, double ovens, oversize microwave ovens, granite candy making counter and 36" deep x 60" wide solid White Oak butcher board countertop with trimmings drop in top with turned lid and waste receptacle tray in drawer under.

Light valances of White Oak finished to match the cabinetry allowed the woodwork to overpower the wide expanse of stainless refrigeration and keep the "homey feel" in the kitchen. The other commercial kitchen appliances were modified by the designer to provide a more residential appearance by cutting off the stainless-steel skirt of all the units and replacing them with hardwood cabinetry including deep, wide full extension drawers.

Cabinetry design, door and door pull styling was original. Client requested unique, one of a kind door and drawer pulls. Designer also fabricated and finished all the passage-way doors, including a front entry door with bevelled French crystal glass, fireplace hearth and mantle and a 6" x 18" x 12' suspended scoop seat solid oak bench (see below) set into pillars at each end on the open side of the dining area.

French Dovetail Drawers With Stopped Bullnose Drawer Side Top Edge Profile

French dovetail drawers above, have 1/2" thick white oak drawer sides with dovetails machined into drawer fronts creating a glue only connection free of nails, screws or staples. Drawer bottoms are grooved into drawer front and sides creating a captive fit for drawer sides and a nice clean invisible joint inside and out. When drawer sides and bottom are glued together in this fashion it is impossible for such a drawer to ever come apart. Drawer bottoms are 1/4" white oak ply. Note stopped bullnose detail on top front edge of drawer sides.

One of a kind drawer pulls are custom profiled for each drawer. Client requested pulls unlike anything commercial. Copper Steamer style hood fabricated by specialty metal working company.

Mirror Divider, Mirrored Tambour Doors

Mirror Cabinet divides kitchen from lounge area which overhangs a rocky cliff face with a green water bay below and view of San Juan Islands in distance. Lounge had view on three sides but not toward the kitchen.

To capitalize on the view, the Designer fashioned a combination mirror cabinet divider with 12' wide pantry on kitchen side and 12' wide tiled beverage counter on lounge side. Front mirrors above, open to goblet storage on smoked acrylic shelves. Behind shelves are additional permanently mounted mirrors that continue the reflection when the front mirror doors swing open for access to the goblet storage behind.

Note mirrored tambour doors below tile counter covering beverage storage area. Tambours of mirror provide a crystalline, jewel-like ambience and interesting reflective patterns of light about the room as sunlight beaming through the windows strike the Tamboured mirror surfaces.

East Indian Rosewood Cabinet Door

Designed, Fabricated, Finished Natural