Purpose of Site

This website is a photographic documentary chronicling Solutions Engineering and Design projects undertaken by George E. Brooks, Industrial Engineer, Industrial Designer, Inventor, Photographer 1975 - 2010 and Barbara Brooks, Artist, Interior Designer, Master Color Consultant 1975 - Present

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We hope the engineering pages of this web site bring back a few memories for those we have worked with along the way.

Current Interests

    • Foam Glass Technology

    • Custom Artist Benches for Disabled

George and Barbara

"The hallmark of my career has been creating things of beauty and utility and finding solutions to tricky problems where one normally would not think to look."

George E. Brooks, Industrial Engineer, Designer

"Designers must have a high level of competence, interest in engineering technology and a wish to work creatively in the field of design for manufacture. The field appeals to those with a desire to innovate, enjoy complex problem solving and make a direct contribution to the quality of life. The art combines functional quality, technical feasibility and aesthetic quality."

History of Industrial Design, Denis Gadbois

"Industrial designers are people with a desire to create. They combine knowledge with artistic ability to turn abstract ideas into formal designs for the merchandise we buy, the clothes we wear, the publications we read and the living and office space we inhabit. Creativity is crucial in all design occupations."

US Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Notable Clients

Coca Cola, IBM, Mitsubishi, Turner Broadcasting, Zeiss, Universal Studios (Dr. Seuss, Velociraptor), Kennemetal, Boeing Aerospace, McDonalds, Boeing Computer Services, Purdue University, Blue Cross, Adobe Systems, Chrysler, Hormel Foods, Frigidaire, US Army, Samsonite, Jack in the Box,Weyerheuser, American Heart Association, Owens Corning, Bok Tower Gardens, US Navy, United States Air Force Band, Wayne State University, Rheem Richmond, Universal Furniture Canada, Govt of Saudi (Saba), Govt of Northwest Territories, Canada, Dept of Economic Development, University of Washington, Sperry Rand, Ethan Allen, Drumheller Museum, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, American Motor Homes, P.J. Taggares, Sharp...

Notable Mentions

Patent for curvilinear space divider

National Design Competition Award

One of our favorite guys

Our mascot Pyewacket
The cat that cared,
in Memorium


Barbara J. Brooks - (MsImagination) Design and fine art painting of found boxes, custom furniture, lead sculptor and color rendering of American Heart Association human heart replica.

Steven R. Brooks - Custom furniture design and crafting of Barbara's hand decorated furniture on MsImagination page.

Brian D. Brooks - Designed, engineered, fabricated all electronic control systems for each machine exhibited on this site.

George E. Brooks - Engineering, design, fabrication and finish of all machines, furnishings and products exhibited on this web this site including photography.