Engineering on Wheels

Three plus years and 20,000 miles touring country with completely outfitted mobile office. Coach/Trailer combination length 70'. First time coach driver. No problems. Coach electrical 50A shore power, 7500w diesel generator. Cummins 350 turbo diesel engine. 8 to 10 mpg fully loaded including 100 gallons fresh water, 100 gallons diesel fuel, several month's supply of food, other necessaries.

Trailer interior dimension 8' x 24'. Total coach/trailer living space with slides out 550 sq ft. A/C, Internet anywhere sattelite dish, torsion bar suspension. 30A + 20A trailer power plugs into 100A (amp) park shore power electrical service. 16' lin ft of project tables fold and store on trailer wall. 18" clearance exiting car when parked inside trailer.

1/2" lip on book shelves keep books secure. Bungies utilized on paper trays, drawers, computer monitor, copy machine, rolling chairs. Interior design and desk by G Edward Brooks.

Above Left: Trailer interior with one project table set up. Electric lift drafting table doubles as artist easel when tipped to vertical.

Barbara Brooks at work on a commission.

G Brooks photography cloaks car entry ramp, brightens interior

On the road project requiring mini shop set up on rear project table.

Photo back drop set aside, additional project table set up and side project table shifted from office work or art project for assembly of vinyl slitting machine. Later, automated sewing center was set up and vinyl strip feed mechanism engineered, fabricated with tables still up.

Project complete, time to move on. Time required to load and secure the car about 3 mins. Loading ramp requires no jacks or other support. Time to bungie and secure all else, about 1 hour.

A few RV sites, Washington State, Utah