Industrial Design and Styling

An Industrial Designer designed the look and feel of just about every commercial item you come in contact with every day,
from your Blackberry to the sofa you sit on each night to relax. An industrial designer was there.

Interior Furnishings and Accessories
Designed by George E Brooks

Gull Wing Desk - Mobile Office

24' Motorhome Trailer

Game Tables Designed Using Short Lengths of Scrap Wood

32" x 32" Freestanding Chess Table - Pieces 3" diameter - Queen 12" high - Storage Bay for Pieces Underneath

Short Wood Story

The Northwest Hardwoods Furniture Components Division had an excess of short lengths of furniture grade Western Red Alder. With no market for this scrap wood, it was destined for the Company's power hungry, 200 hp high maintenance chipper.

Samsonite, a client, was interested in getting into the oversize game table busineess (looking for the unusual) so the project landed on the engineering and design desk Brooks was sitting behind with the directive to design and build some prototypes which was done.

The result was a series of game tables all utilizing wood in lengths of 15" or less. In the case of the cribbage board, the short lengths were finger jointed (end machined and end glued) to longer lengths. The chess boards and table inserts are end grain on the face. The squares are separated by saw kerfs to facilitate staining the dark squares and to enhance the design.

Oversize Chess Table top - Pieces Stored Under

Eight-sided Game Table above Chess Board Insert

Oversizd Chess Table top - Ready For Play

Round Top Game Table - Turned, Footed Base

Table Top Chess Board

Free Standing, Stowable Cribbage Board

Pull a chair up on each side, deal cards on acrylic table move pegs along the tracks, keep score across the top. Table, table arms and legs unplug from board and plug into back of board for compact storage in original box.


Left: Eastern Hard Rock Mapel Bowl & Lid
Right: East Indian Rosewood Study

Production Machinery Human Interface - Console Control Styling

If a man's machine looks classy, he enjoys operating it. It makes him look good. What could be better?