Worlds First Instant Space Divider

Unwrap it- Unroll it - You're Done!

Designed, engineered and patented by George E Brooks
Originator of the Curvilinear Space Divider Concept

Nothing like it in the world!

How it all started.

A church meeting several times weekly changed its meeting times to a single block of time on Sunday, greatly increasing the need for additional classroom space.

Large Spaces Converted to Classrooms

Limited use gymnasiums and recreation halls were converted to multi-use but required a simple way to divide the space into teaching stations with a high level of sound attenuation.

First Dividers by Others

Sent To Landfill

The first dividers that appeared were heavy, carpet covered lumber constructions on double casters to support their extreme weight. Though rubber, the casters still left deep grooved dents in the hardwood floors, not to mention requiring well over a foot deep of wall space when folded against the wall. Not only were they unattractive, hinging them to cement block walls was at best tentative and apt to come loose unexpectedly. One did detach, fatally injuring a young child. All such dividers throughout the church were hastily removed and scrapped. A bad idea had gone under.

Second Solution by Others

Sent to Land Fill

Desperate for some sort of divider that could enclose a space and offer some acoustical benefit, they had a winged V shaped panel designed but this was prone to tipping, was difficult to configure into a classroom and had dismal acoustical qualities. One did fall over and seriously injured a little child and so this concept also went to the land fill.

Our Simple Solution Is A Hit.

At this point Brooks Engineering and Design accepted the task of inventing something that would do the job. The result was the world's first curvilinear space divider named Versiflex Acoustical Divider. It was found that the panel provided good protective cushioning for participants during high energy activites, yet was easily curved to create a totally tackable, high sound attenuation classroom. With a core of semi-rigid polyethylene foam and the ability to be formed in any curving shape, the panel was self supporting and light and soft and safe enough to cause no injury whatsoever should one fall on a small child.

Following improvements in the covering material it was renamed Versipanel. The next improvement insured perfect hinge thickness and raised the panel's acoustical prowess.

The World Adopts The Simple Solution

Churches all across the nation fell in love with the wall you can bend any way you want or instantly relocate at a moment's notice. The fact that it is nearly indestructible is a further benefit when used for various children's activities and craft fairs.

Exhibit Industry Claims It Theirs

Next in love with the curvilinear concept and beauty of design was the exhibit industry who incorporated it in travelling exhibits all over the world from Europe to Australia including exhibits for Universal Studio's Dr. Seuss and Velociraptor, IBM, Mitsubishi, Hormel Foods, Govt. of Saudi, Sharp and a host of others.

Too Many Applications To Count

Office managers, restaurants, architects, interior designers, schools, municipalities, libraries, rental agencies, the office furniture industry and other uses by the dozens turned to the Simple Solution. The categories seem to be endless with new ones popping up continually.

Sight Barrier Separates Busy Office From Relaxed Waiting Area

Award Winning Exhibit Benefits From Curvilinear Panels

Scruffy, Unused Storage Space Becomes Attractive, Professional and Comfortable Engineer's Office With Convenient Totally Tackable Office Dividers in 5 Mins.

Instant Executive Office's Quiet Ambiance Puts Clients at Ease

Light Weight, Roll Up To Store Features Win Over Zeiss Exhibit Designers

McDonalds - Space Delineation and Sound Attenuation

Dr. Seuss Museum Touring Exhibit - Universal Studios Backdrop 10'h x 20'w - Rolls up to 35" diameter

10; wide Exhibit Backdrop - Rolls up into 36" diameter cylinder - pedestal top slips inside

4th of July Relief Society Luncheon

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

4th of July Relief Society Luncheon

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Contractors in the process of conducting one of many punishing tests the panel passed

Grass stains from pony hoofs were removed with full strength chlorine bleach without discoloring the panel's solution died fabric cover. The hoof dents, as with all other dents, recover within 24 hours leaving no evidence they were ever there.

Wheel weight is 1,000 pounds

Note tire tread track and impression. This is the 16th time the truck has driven over this test panel, a few times on sharp gravel of unpaved parking lots. Each time within 24 hours all impressions of gravel or tire tracks are gone.

So simple to set up a child can do it

Customer requests doubling up dividers (two 30' lengths) per wrap and ship on Caster Cart with divider dolly for relocating rolled up classrooms witin their facility. Normally, long panels are shipped one per carton.

The roll at the left contains two 30-foot long dividers on a caster cart for easy moving for trucker and delivery site personnel. Client ordered hand-truck which piggybacks on the dividers and offers trucker easy positioning for transport if hauling vertically.

Once panels are located where they are to be used, tip up to the vertical, unwrap, tip back slightly, slide wrap out from under and unroll panel into desired position. Panels are fully finished on all sides and edges and self-supporting when curved (offsets center of gravity).

Divider Shields Drafting Table. Note Front and Back Divider Foot Supports Used on Short Length Nearly Straight Configuration Panels

Partial List of Users

IBM, Mitsubishi, Turner Broadcasting, Sequent, Zeiss, Universal Studios (Dr. Seuss, Velociraptor), Kennemetal, Boeing Aerospace, McDonalds, Boeing Computer Services, Purdue University, Blue Cross, Adobe Systems, Chrysler, Hormel Foods, Frigidaire, US Army, Jack in the Box, Weyerheuser, Owens Corning, Bok Tower Gardens, US Navy, United States Air Force Band, Wayne State University, Rheem Richmond, Govt of Saudi (Saba), Adam James, University of Washington, Sperry Rand, Drumheller Museum, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Channel 9 News, Sharp...